Lessons I\’ve Learned From My Dog

As I previously shared, the Gilbert house has a new four-legged resident named Gus. He is our first family pet. I’ve never had a dog before at all, only cats, so puppy parenting has been a learning experience for me. 

One of my favorite things Gus does is that he follows me everywhere I go. It is precious. I will assume he is asleep and get up from the couch to head into the kitchen. The next thing I know, little paws are padding along behind me. Granted, he loves the kitchen because he knows that’s where the goodies come from, but he also follows me to the bathroom or the laundry room with just as much enthusiasm. 

Gus is thinking, \”Hey, Mom. I noticed that you\’re in the kitchen. I\’m in the kitchen, too! Can I eat that?\”

As we go from room to room, I talk to Gus, just like I would one of my two-legged children. I tell him he’s a good boy, ask if he is hungry, narrate the events of the day, and so on. He watches me carefully and makes me feel like I am his favorite person ever. I reward him with belly rubs and treats because I enjoy the attention. 

Gus follows me with joy and without hesitation. He doesn’t always know where we are going, but he hops up and goes along. Sometimes, he’ll stop at the doorway to a room he’s not sure about. Once I give him the go-ahead, the comes right on in and inspects the scenery. Gus trusts me to keep him safe and lead him to where he needs to go.  

I wish I was a little more like Gus in my relationship with God. I wish I could tell you that I obediently, eagerly, and blindly follow every step He leads me to; that I don’t question when the path doesn’t make sense or complain when I’m led somewhere I don’t want to be. However, that wouldn’t be true. Sometimes I’m more like a stubborn cat. I see the path I’m supposed to take, but I stop and curl up for a while to take a nap while I wait to see if this is really where I need to go. 

John 8:12 says this: “Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’” The Lord has prepared a way for me. Even when I don’t have the map in front of me or I’m sure where I am supposed to be,  I must learn to trust His light to lead me to where I need to go. 


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