Celebrating the Good Life Even In A Season of Struggle

It\’s been a minute since I\’ve written anything. And guess where I\’ve been these last couple of months? That\’s right…the same place as you…right here at home. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we\’ve all spent March, April, and most of May on lock down at home, with limited trips to get essentials like groceries and take out.

When I scroll through my Facebook feed, I see that many of my friends are extremely frustrated with this new way of life. I get it! The economy is suffering and we\’re all feeling isolated. Our hair needs doing. Our pants don\’t fit so well. We miss our friends, families, and co-workers. They canceled your kids\’ soccer/baseball/softball/sports season. Graduations and other celebrations didn\’t happen. There\’s much to lament.

For me, though, I\’ve been surprisingly content at home. Maybe it\’s a little easier for me because I\’m an introvert. I\’ve been able to curl myself inward without feeling any guilt for declining social obligations, or worse- begrudgingly attending things I\’d rather skip.

If I\’m really honest, this unexpected time at home has been really good for me. It has given me time to spend with my kids, who will be leaving the nest sooner than I would like to acknowledge. It has allowed me to take an inventory of what really matters to me and what I can let slide. I have had a chance to reprioritize, rethink, and renew.

For a long time, I\’ve hidden behind busy-ness and fatigue simply because I resisted being vulnerable and opening myself up to others. This season of isolation has shown me that. I\’ve been able to establish many connections with new and old friends in a virtual way that has given me a good bit to look forward to when the world opens up again.

Now, I will celebrate the life that I\’ve been given. I will send more cards and notes, connect more with those around me in meaningful ways, host more gatherings in my home when it is safe to do so. The world around us may be strange and scary, but my heart is full of things to celebrate, and that\’s exactly what I\’m going to do!

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