Book Review: No Journey Too Far by Carrie Turansky

No Journey Too Far by Carrie Turanksy

Published by Multnomah (Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for my complimentary copy!)

Release date: June 8, 2021


Like 100,000 other impoverished British children, Grace McAlister and her siblings arrived in Canada around the turn of the 20th century as “British Home Children.” (Nerd Note: If you don’t know about this sad chapter of Canadian history, read this article or check out  Genevieve Graham’s The Forgotten Home Child.) She was quickly separated from her older siblings and adopted by a well to do Canadian couple. The Hamiltons raise Grace to hide her past and become a debutante, but she still yearns to be reunited with her true family.  On the eve of her presentation, her brother Garth and his friend Rob, both fresh from their tours of duty in World War I. The Hamiltons urge Grace to reject her history, but her desire to know her real family is too strong to ignore.

Meanwhile, Grace’s brother Garth is on a quest to find his first love, Emma, who has fallen into some unfortunate circumstances while he was away at war. Will their love for one another and faith in God be strong enough to overcome all the obstacles in their path? 

My Favorite Character

I loved Grace! Her internal struggle to reconcile her true identity with her upbringing provided a great storyline. I loved seeing her growth throughout the novel, especially when she was trying to help out on the Chapman’s farm and as she learned more about having a genuine relationship with Jesus. 

My Rating

Five stars for this warm, romantic piece of historical fiction!  No Journey Too Far is the sequel to No Ocean Too Wide, which I didn’t know when I started reading it. However, Carrie Turanksy did such a marvelous job developing the characters and plot in this book, it didn’t even matter.  This story was strong enough to stand alone- but I’m absolutely going to read the prequel to learn more about  Grace’s older sisters, Laura and Katie!

Order your copy of No Journey Too Far here!

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