#TenThingsThursday: Birthday Edition!

Today is my birthday. I’m 44. I don’t even know how that happened. Wasn’t I just 25 yesterday?

Honestly, I really love being in my 40’s. Things that mattered a whole lot when I was young just don’t amount to a hill of beans anymore. I don’t care if my clothes are in style- I just want to be comfy. I don’t worry about keeping up with other people or impressing them. I don’t aim for Pinterest Perfection or Mom-of-the-Year honors. It’s liberating.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I thought I would share 10 Things I’m Celebrating today!

1. Obviously, my birthday! I’ve lived 44 amazing years! I’m mostly healthy and very happy.

2. I was hoping that by today I would be able to tell you more about a really big, exciting announcement I have regarding my writing, but I’m still not at liberty to share! However, very soon, I will have some super awesome writing news that will knock your socks off. Until then, I’m just celebrating it in my heart!!

3. My mom had a clear PET scan yesterday! No cancer!! And she is finally feeling like herself again.

4. My kids had a great school year. They won a ton of awards and stayed healthy all year.

5. I work with an outstanding team at the Kentucky Department of Education. I seriously love my job and my coworkers.

6. Next week, John and I will celebrate our 21st anniversary. That’s a whole grown person worth of years of wedded bliss!!!

7. I get to write for Lane of Roses, a wonderful ministry located in Lexington but reaching women worldwide. I also get to be part of a Lane of Roses Bible study on Monday nights with my daughter and other young women. I love it!

8. My parents spent the night with us last night and we had so much fun.

9. My dogs bring so much joy to my life!

10. God is using me in exciting ways. I’m living proof that He will open doors you never

imagined, but only in His own time and according to His will.

What about you? What are you celebrating today? Whatever it is, enjoy it!

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