What I’m Reading Wednesday: The Dress Shop on King Street

Back in April, I requested an Advance Reader’s Copy (ARC) of Paint and Nectar by Ashley Clark. I loved the blend of historical fiction with contemporary romance. However, I felt like there was a piece of the story I was missing.

That would be because it was the follow-up novel to The Dress Shop on King Street. This keeps happening to me, y’all. I read the second book first and then have to go back and snag book one!

I finally got my review queue cleared up enough to read The Dress Shop on King Street. (It is currently available on Kindle Unlimited if that’s your thing.) I am about 75% of the way through it and it is just as good as Paint and Nectar.

There are parallel stories running through the book. In the present, Harper dreams of opening a dress shop but is discouraged by her professor’s scathing criticism. She goes home to Alabama to figure out her future with the help of her old friend, Millie.

Millie has carried a secret about her identity with her throughout life. The story flashes back to the mid-1940s to capture her story, too. Ashley Clark does a beautiful job of weaving in the ugly history of racism in America and spotlighting the long-lasting and devastating effects still looming today.

The two stories come together to reveal how God shines new light on the lies we believe about ourselves and how everything, no matter how broken, is redeemable.

My only complaint about this book is that there are so many side characters from the different storylines, it is a little hard to keep everyone straight. However, she does a great job of weaving details from this book and from Paint and Nectar together. The series is called “Heirloom Secrets” and that title is so fitting! Can’t wait to finish this one and read book #3 when it comes out!

I should finish this book tonight, so check my Instagram stories for a review tomorrow!!!

*Disclaimer: Links in this post are affiliate links and earn a tiny commission from purchases made through them, at no extra cost to you!

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