Seen and Known: 1 John 3:1

I love studying the origins of words, especially names. When you first learn what your name means, you compare that to your personality. My first name is Sarah- and that means “princess.” I think that’s a pretty good fit!

Names are deeply tied to our identity. We have surnames that identify us as part of our family. We also have our given names, which are unique to us. Being called by our names is more than just a way of keeping people organized. It is a way of giving us dignity.

Naming something shows that we care for it. It shows ownership. We name our children, our pets, and even sometimes our cars and houses! In the creation story, God gave Adam the power to name all the animals. Having a name is a sign that you are valued.

This verse in 1 John reinforces the power of a name. God loves us so much that He calls us His very own children. He names us after Him! What an honor! This shows us that God sees and knows us intimately.

I’m not just “human #17,324,549,094.” I am God’s very own beloved child. That bit of information should change the way I see myself. If God holds me in such regard, shouldn’t I believe that I’m worth loving? Understanding that I am not just seen and known but treasured and loved makes a world of difference!

Reflection Questions:

  1. What does your name mean? Does it reflect your personality?
  2. How does being called a child of God change how you see yourself?

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